Important information about emails from Efamol

We have recently been alerted that some of our customers have received ‘Phishing’ or fraudulent emails pertaining to be from us. These emails have been sent by scammers and we advise you not to click on any of the links within the email.

How can you tell if an email is genuine?

You can be assured that will never contact you regarding your account without using your name and we will never ask you to login or provide login details. Any email we send you will always include our company name and details as well as our email address at the bottom and will be sent on behalf of We’ve included some tips below to help you recognise fraudulent emails and keep yourself safe from scammers:

  • Check the From email address is from a recognised domain name
  • Mouse over any links to check the actual URLs look genuine
  • Check the English and grammar - most phishing emails are not well written.

If in any doubt, simply delete the email. If you would like further information on our email policies then please get in touch with us on