Old Wassen LogoOur work with mineral formulations started over 40 years ago and to this day we are passionate about creating expert formulations that lead with vital minerals that can sometimes be lacking in the diet.


Why Choose Wassen?


The experts at Wassen sourced ingredients which offer a high bioavailability. In fact, our Selenium OK contains a unique organic highly absorbable form of selenium which is unique to Wassen and has been since it was introduced to the UK market in 1982. Wassen’s formulas combine these essential minerals with vitamins to offer solutions to everyday health concerns.


The Wassen range is manufactured in the UK to pharmaceutical quality with premium sources of vitamins and minerals using our 30 years of expertise in product formulation.  Wassen have been working with the same UK manufacturer since our inception in 1982. 

The guidelines for dietary supplements vary internationally, however all our products meet medicinal manufacturing standards, a guarantee of safety and consistency.


We all vary considerably in our ability to absorb and utilise nutrients from dietary supplements, also known as a product’s bioavailability. At Wassen our unique formulas contain bioavailable forms of nutrients and our quality assurance lab tests each batch to ensure nutrient levels are as stated. We also test to ensure the nutrients remain at the stated levels throughout their shelf life.

About Efamol

Efamol is owned by Wassen, both brands are grounded in science and produced in the UK with premium active ingredients, to the highest quality standards.

Efalex advertEfamol’s foundations are firmly grounded the importance of Essential fatty acids for overall health.  Efamol was started over 40 years ago through our pioneering trials on Evening Primrose Oil's effect on skin and hormone health. We still have more published research that any other brand in this area.  In the 1990's Jacqueline Stordy furthered our Essential Fatty Acid expertise through her ground-breaking exploration of the role of DHA in children’s brain health. Her research is still the basis of discoveries in this area today.

Our commitment to research continues with an ongoing research programme through the University of Roehampton in London plus a scientific advisory committee. It is the foundation of our products as they are presented today. 

Like Wassen, all Efamol products meet medicinal manufacturing standards, a guarantee of safety and consistency.


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