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Immune Health

A healthy immune system is essential if we are to maintain our short and long term health. A number of nutrients, including the minerals selenium and zinc and vitamins A, C and E have been identified as playing a specific role in maintaining the immune system. Our dietary intake of selenium is half what is was 20 years ago and many people are choosing to take a supplement. Our range offers three different strengths of selenium yeast together with a range of different accompanying nutrients.
  1. Garlic


    Garlic is a valuable food most well-known for its role in the maintenance of a healthy heart and circulation. These tablets have been specially formulated to ensure that the garlic is not released until it reaches the intestine. This delay has the additional benefit of controlling odour on the breath.
    from £4.85

  2. Selenium-Xtra


    This high strength Selenium-Xtra formula contains 200ug to help support cell protection and immune system function.
    from £7.00

  3. Selenium-ACE+D


    Selenium ACE+D is a dual action formula. Selenium and vitamins C & E play a role in the protection of cells from oxidative stress while selenium and vitamins A, C & D help to maintain normal immune function.
    from £10.99